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Welcome Researchers

The study investigators believe strongly that the breadth of the data collected through REGARDS and potential uses of the data extend substantially beyond the interest and resources of the current investigators. We encourage and solicit manuscript proposals and ancillary studies.

Manuscript proposals:

There are policies and procedures currently in place to permit access to study data for manuscripts through a review and approval process under the governance of the study Executive Committee. Under these policies and procedures, any investigator at any university can propose a manuscript. These proposals are reviewed by the Executive Committee primarily to provide information and advice from those with a deeper understanding of the study protocol and data availability.

Ancillary studies:

Ancillary studies are welcomed and encouraged. REGARDS investigators are eager to share the study resource and interest level is high; 35 are currently active and 3 are newly funded, pending implementation. A listing of some of these will be forthcoming.
Click on link to review the ancillary studies policies and procedures for more information as well as who to contact with REGARDS to answer additional questions. 
Initial contact for questions related to manuscript proposals and ancillary studies can be made through contact with