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Welcome REGARDS Participants

Dear REGARDS Participant,

We appreciate the gift of your time in helping us understand more about factors that determine why some people develop stroke and others do not. Because of volunteers like you, we are already learning and reporting on important things about stroke risk. Findings from REGARDS have been widely published in scientific journals and presented at research conferences. Click on this link to read about what researchers have learned from your participation in REGARDS.

For reasons that are not understood, people in some parts of the country develop strokes more often than people in other parts of the country. Also, African-Americans develop strokes more often than whites. This project will follow many people for many years in order to learn why.  

Thank you for your continued participation in REGARDS. Please tell your family members that you are participating in this important project and that you are helping scientists understand how to prevent stroke. We will try to keep in touch with you for many years and we will continue to share important findings with you.

George Howard, DrPH                                                                                                                                                

Principal Investigator